elderly dog getting love
  • Robson Reyes, Executive Director, 970-264-5549
  • Position Open, Shelter Manager, 970-731-4771
  • Cindy Chomey, Thrift Store Manager, 970-264-6424
  • Kate Simmons, Donor Relations & Fundraising Manager, 970-264-5549
  • Position Open, Marketing & Communications Manager, 970-264-5549

Board of Directors

  • Dō Engelhardt, President
  • Susan Weiland, Vice President
  • Jeb Baxter, Treasurer
  • Kitty Neal, Secretary
  • Phil Rosenstein, Board Member
  • Jocko Feehan, Board Member

The Board of Directors is chosen by election at the annual meeting of the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs. The supervision, direction and management of the affairs of the Society shall be vested in the Board. More specifically, board members will:

  1. Determine and uphold the organization’s mission following the organization’s bylaws.
  2. Hire, monitor, and, if necessary, dismiss the employees who report directly to the Board.
  3. Review the performance of the employees who report directly to the Board.
  4. Ensure ongoing organization planning, including approving long-range goals.
  5. Ensure adequate resources – financial and human.
  6. Establish fiscal policies, financial controls, and annual budgets that ensure the effective management of resources.
  7. Set and monitor overall goals and services.
  8. Serve as a link to the community – promoting the work of the organization and interpreting the needs of the community.
  9. Annually assess the performance of the organization and the Board.

And commit to:

  1. A two-year term
  2. At least nine meetings of the Board per year
  3. Annual membership in the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs
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