A better life for them…
starts with you.

A better life for him… starts with you.

happy corgi dog

Looking for a new best friend? Unconditional love given freely in exchange for a great home.

Caring for orphaned animals relies on the financial support of people like you. Every little bit helps.

man hugging dog

Volunteers are the heart of what we do, and there is a wide range of exciting opportunities for all ages.

dog and cat cuddling

Spay/neuter programs, cremation, microchips, TNR for feral cats, emergency aid, dog park and more.

Fall Featured Story

Mitsy: A Story of Love and Commitment

Bittersweet. This is the word that describes how our staff feel every time an animal gets adopted. With Mitsy’s adoption, her story could not have felt more bittersweet to our staff and volunteers who worked with her during her extended stay at our shelter…

Are you a cat or a dog?

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