cat on man's shoulder getting kissedFoster Care Volunteers Help Save Lives!

What types of animals need foster care?

Each year, the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs receives animals too young to be placed up for adoption. Fortunately, our Foster Care Volunteers are available to provide the love and nurturing these animals need to grow strong.

In addition to young animals, Foster Care Volunteers open their homes and hearts to ill animals, animals recovering from surgery and older animals that would have a hard time staying in the shelter.

By providing foster care, volunteers save the lives of the special needs animals and help alleviate overcrowding at the animal shelter.

Our most common foster animals are kittens with nursing queens, or weaned kittens and puppies that need a few weeks to grow strong before placement. We often have homeless adult cats and dogs suffering from treatable illnesses such as upper respiratory infection, kennel cough, or animals recovering from surgery.

On occasion, the foster animal may have been the victim of neglect or abuse and emotional as well as medical care will be needed. The humane society may also call upon Foster Volunteers to help reduce over-crowded conditions at the shelter.


volunteer foster parents and dogslitter of foster kittens


Our program is designed to suit your experience and interest levels. Some animals require medications, veterinary treatment or some extra training for behavior problems to help them become more adoptable, and some just need a warm place to stay. We’ll work with you and your comfort level, provide you with necessary training, and we’re always available to answer your questions.

How long will I be fostering an animal and what type of care is involved?

We’ll arrange a foster care time commitment around your lifestyle, work schedule and vacation plans. The average stay for a foster animal is 4-6 weeks, but some foster animals enjoy the care of a few different families until ready for adoption. Some foster animals, like newborn kittens, require round-the-clock care.

Who can be a Foster Care Volunteer?

Our Foster Care Volunteers come in all sizes! This program is perfect for children and families with other pets; senior citizens looking to put their experience to work.

How can I become a Foster Volunteer?

  • Start by reading and filling out an application form. If you are under the age of 18 a consent form is also required.
  • A home visit will be conducted and is required each year by the State.
  • We’ll keep your application on file if there aren’t foster positions available or if it isn’t a good fit for the animals currently in our care.

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