We are saddened to announce the permanent closure of our Dog Park.

Regrettably, our community has been facing an unprecedented and alarming increase in the number of canine health issues, including but not limited to parvovirus, leptospirosis, and other contagious diseases. Despite our best efforts to control these outbreaks and maintain a safe environment, the risks remain unacceptably high and our veterinarian has recommended we permanently close the dog park.

The death of two of our shelter puppies was the final straw when our staff unknowingly tracked in parvo from the dog park and its vicinity.

The decision to permanently close the Dog Park was made based on the following:

  1. To slow the spread of infectious and fatal diseases to our shelter dogs, your dogs, and those in the community.
    Although we require owners to register and vaccinate their dogs before using the park, we are unable to police and keep out those who don’t. We considered placing a code lock on the gate but efficient options are cost prohibitive. Further, many dogs travel with their owners and are exposed to disease from all over the country, not just Pagosa.
  2. We continue to lose money on the dog park.
    We are required to pay for insurance, maintenance, upkeep, etc. Even though charging a membership fee would help address this, it still won’t stop the spread of disease to our shelter dogs.
  3. Some people have abused the privilege
    We’re aware that some of you are running into issues with other dog owners, their aggressive dogs, people not cleaning up after their dogs, and more.Unfortunately, our limited staff is too busy taking care of our animals to manage and address these concerns.

Our primary concern is the well-being of your beloved pets, as well as those in the shelter. We know you may be disappointed with this decision, but it is not one we took lightly.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to all of you who have been part of this wonderful community over the years.

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