bark park dog runAn active and healthy pet is a happy pet! The Humane Society of Pagosa Springs offers a free local dog park open to the general public on the grounds of our animal shelter.

Come enjoy amazing views of the San Juan Mountain Range while your dog plays! Our park is fully fenced and divided into two areas; a smaller 1/3 of an acre side and larger 2/3 of an acre side to accommodate both large and small breeds.


  • All visitors must register at the front desk prior to using the park for the first time. Registration is free and easy!
  • Aggressive dogs are not permitted in the Park. Dogs must be able to safely interact with people and other dogs.
  • Please clean up after your pet. Baggies are free and provided by HSPS in our Mutt Mitt stations.

Monday through Sunday: 8am to 6pm
Open year-round, weather permitting

465 Cloman Blvd Map
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

The Bark Park is maintained by donations so your support is greatly appreciated!

No act of generosity is too small to make a difference and donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Donate online at


Welcome to the Bark Park!

Register your dogs at the Shelter for Bark Park admittance.

We are open to any suggestions you may have to improve your Park visit, and as a result, the following rules may change from time to time.  Your safe and happy experience is our goal and we hope you enjoy the Bark Park for many years to come!

  1. Vaccination/Health Requirements
    Adults must register their dogs at the Shelter desk during normal operating hours prior to Park admittance. We will keep your information and your dog’s information on file.
    We want responsible pet owners to be able to enjoy the park worry-free, so for everyone’s safety, we require dogs over six months of age to be spayed/neutered, have current rabies, distemper and parvovirus vaccinations.
  2. Leashes and Collars
    In order to control your pet, a leash is required to enter and exit the park and for any corrective measures needed once inside.
    Entering and leaving the Park gate can be stressful, so once inside we ask you to keep your dogs away from these areas. Call your dog and distract it with play to allow other leashed dogs easy access and exit.
  3. Food, Water and Treatsdog running with ball in mouth
    No human food or alcohol or dog treats are permitted in the Park. While dog treats are wonderful, they may start a treat war with other dogs so we ask you to save them for your home training.
  4. Park Landscaping
    • To keep our park clean and pleasant for all, you will see “poop stations” around the park. We provide poop mitts and special pet waste receptacles. It is your responsibility to immediately pick up after your pet and deposit the waste into these receptacles. Any other type of trash is to be deposited upon exiting the park into the trash can by the gate.
    • Some dogs love to dig! To keep anyone from tripping and maintain a level playing field, we ask you to distract them and fill in any holes they may make.
  5. Ages Allowed
    • Puppies must be at least four months of age, the minimum age for them to receive all their required vaccinations. Many puppies are nervous around other dogs. We recommend the “small dog” area. Even a large breed puppy is still of great interest to older dogs who may play too roughly.
    • Please take into consideration any physical limitation you may have before coming to the dog park, as the ground is uneven and some dogs may jump up on adults or children, making them vulnerable to being knocked over.
    • Because small children have a tendency to run or scream when excited which can trigger a dog’s natural instinct to chase and jump, we recommend you leave children at home. If you must bring children, there is a picnic area outside the park for them to wait. Children under 16 will not be permitted inside the Park unless accompanied by an adult.
  6. Liability
    Owners/custodians of dogs are responsible for any damage to the Park, or injury your pet may cause, and therefore must assume all liability for use of the Bark Park.
  7. Dog Behavior
    • Owners must closely supervise their pets at all times, and must not leave them unattended.
    • Always be alert and aware of your dog’s behavior. Never leave them unattended, and watch for any signs of rough play, cowering, or bullying. Some common signs of stress include lip licking, freezing, shaking, stiffening, yawning, lifting a front paw, or showing a lot of the whites of the eye. Before a scuffle ensues, calmly call your dog away, leash it, and move it away from the area.
    • If a scuffle breaks out, do not scream as this may escalate their behavior. Never put your hands near the dog’s head or collar in an attempt to pull them apart. Instead grab the rear legs of the attacking dog and lift them like a wheelbarrow. This will throw them off balance and help to release the grip on the other animal. Do not lift your pet up as this drives the attacking dog’s prey instinct. Remove the attacking dog immediately from the area, and seek veterinary treatment if needed.
    • Aggressive dogs are not permitted in the Park. If your dog ever draws blood, you need to seek professional training help. We will be happy to supply you with sources for making your pet a safe citizen of the park. We recommend that you exchange owner and pet names if you are involved in a scuffle, and report this to the Shelter staff.
    • Use of the Park will be suspended upon two complaints of inappropriate behavior. Use of the Park will be permanently revoked if corrective training measures are not met.
  8. Number of Dogs Allowed
    Only two dogs per handler/owner are allowed at any time as multiple dogs are too difficult to control.
  9. Park Use and Hours
    • No commercial activity is permitted on the Bark Park premises without prior written authorization.
    • Toys may be checked in and out at the Shelter desk.
    • Hours of operation are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm 7 days a week, year-round, weather permitting.

The Bark Park is maintained by donations so your support is greatly appreciated!

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