Before bringing an animal to our shelter, please call us at (970) 731-4771 to ensure we have space and can be prepared for intake.

Bringing in a Stray Dog or Cat

We accept stray dogs and cats found within Archuleta County. If you have found a stray dog or cat outside of our county, please contact the animal shelter closest to the location where the animal was found.

When arriving at the shelter, we’ll ask that you:

  • Please make sure the animal is on a leash or in a secure pet carrier if possible.
  • Complete a Stray Receiving Form.
  • Please bring a valid photo ID.
  • While you complete the form at the shelter, we ask that you leave the pet secured outside the building. A staff member will do a quick health check of the animal and ask you to either bring the stray directly inside the front lobby or to our isolation receiving area.

If you need assistance with a stray dog, contact either Archuleta County Animal Control or the Town of Pagosa Springs Animal Control through the local dispatch number, 970-731-2160.

Surrendering Your Dog or Cat

Sometimes circumstances occur where it may be best or necessary for a family or owner to relinquish a dog or cat in their care. If you are faced with that situation, please contact our animal shelter at (970) 731-4771. If you prefer not to surrender your pet but believe that is your only option, we may be able to offer some assistance that could make surrender unnecessary. In this case, we strongly suggest that you call the shelter and speak to one of our team members to discuss options prior to surrendering your pet.

If you are thinking about surrendering your animal, please download and complete the correct form below and bring it to the shelter with the animal you wish to surrender. To offset the cost of the health evaluation, behavior assessment and care provided, we suggest you make a minimum $25 donation when you surrender your pet to help pay for continued care in our shelter.

Returning a Pet You Adopted From Us

We work hard to make a successful pet-to-owner match, but if you discover that the pet you adopted is not compatible due to health or behavioral issues, you may return the pet to us at anytime. In fact, should you choose to surrender your animal, you are required to return them to our care, which is noted in our adoption contract. Should you return a pet, we suggest a relinquishment donation of $25 if the animal is returned more than 30 days after adoption. Please download and complete the correct form below and bring it to the shelter with the animal you wish to surrender.

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